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2017/18 High School Meet Schedule

Left to right: Asst Coach John Bonds, Coach Kasha Jones, Grace Hogue, Amelia Wills, Megan Hanson, Etienne Grobbelaar, Gavin Close, Tian Bardoner, Coach Will Hunt (not pictured: Cecilia Porter, Karoline Bonastia)

Updated 10/30/2017

High School Meets

  • Nov. 1 – Baylor (tri meet) @ Baylor (HS Only: Swim and Dive)                                                  warm ups 4:15pm, meet starts 5:00pm

  • Nov. 2 – GPS (quad meet) @ GPS McCallie (HS Swim Only)                                                       warm ups 4:15pm, meet starts 5:00pm

  • Nov. 17-18 – McCallie Invitational @ McCallie (HS Only) prelims & finals

Dive 11/17 – warm ups 4:00pm, meet starts 5:45pm

Swim 11/18 – prelim warm ups 6:55am, meet starts 8:30am /                                                                               finals warm ups 4:30pm, meet starts 5:30pm

  • Nov. 19 – 6 dive (dual meet) @ Knoxville (combined MS & HS: Dive Only)                                         arrive by 12:30pm, warm ups 12:45pm, meet starts 1:15pm

  • Nov. 30 – Dalton & Heritage (tri meet) @ Dalton HS (HS Only:  Swim and Dive)                                 warm ups 4:50pm, meet starts 5:30pm

  • Dec. 2 – Ensworth Diving Invitational @ Nashville (combined MS & HS: Dive Only)                               warm ups 9:30am, meet starts 11:00am

  • Dec. 10 – 6 dive (dual meet) @ Knoxville (combined MS & HS: Dive Only)                                         arrive by 12:30pm, warm ups 12:45pm, meet starts 1:15pm

  • Dec. 16 – Adairsville Invitational @ Adairsville HS (MS and HS: Swim only)                                            warm ups 2:30pm, meet starts 3:30pm

  • Jan. 13 – Diving Invitational @ Middle TN (MS/6 dives, HS/11 dives: Dive Only)

  • Jan. 18 – Cleveland (dual meet) @ Cleveland (combined MS & HS: Swim Only)

  • Friday, Feb. 9 & Saturday, Feb. 10
    2017/18 Tennessee State HS Swimming & Diving Championship, @ UT Knoxville                (HS Swim & Dive Only) prelims & finals

*There will be more information concerning this meet as we get closer towards January*
*There are qualifying times and required number of diving meets for this championship meet*
– Swimmers may use qualifying times achieved during the school year from high school meets and USA Swim meets from September 1st until the state meet registration deadline. The qualifying times can be found at or click on the link below.
-Divers are required to have competed in three diving meets within the current school year whether in a USA diving or school meet.  At least one of the competitions must be an 11-dive meet.

Click here for 2017/18 qualifying times

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